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Donut II Aromatherapy Diffuser - White
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Donut II Aromatherapy Diffuser - White
This scentilizer aromatherapy diffuser product carries an ultrasonic device.  Through a ceramic resonator, the product utilizes ultrasonic vibrations in a frequency of 1.70 MHz to turn water into mist which is then gracefully dispersed into the air. The mist emitting from the product hydrates the surrounding area and your skin as if there is a small waterfall nearby. You can add a few drops of essential oil to the water and fragrance the mist in the air to keep you relaxed and in a good mood. The product displays an energy efficient LED light with switching colors for accent lighting or for use as a comforting night light.  The unit is controlled by a remote control for on/off, atomization off/normal/strong and timer for 30, 60 or 90 minute shut off. The unit also feature sound with a built in Yoga/Spa track for 11 minutes with continuous running or connect your own music source via auxiliary cable included or use a USB stick. This product is designed by Carsten Jorgensen and the material is ceramic and frosted glass.  To use, add water to water tank and essential oil as per instructions (5-10 drops) based on the strength of fragrance you desire. Humidifies and scents the air through ultrasonic vibrations, recommended space up to 450 sq ft. Continuous atomization time up to 8 hours in normal or 4-5 hours in normal mode with automatic turn off, 110v. Heat-Free Diffuser/Delivery method. Use ONLY with Essential Oil, sold separately.   Dimensions: 6.69"L x12.80"W x12.80"H; Weight: 6.10 lbs.  Color - White.  
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